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Our Story

Cosmo Community CIC helps disadvantaged people across Hull to develop skills, self-confidence and more through coaching and social enterprise projects. This includes people with poor mental health as well as those who have emigrated here and are held back by language or cultural barriers.


The project was set up by Altynay and four more volunteers in 2013 after working closely with immigrants who had become disadvantaged as a result of socio-economic barriers in their way. Her own experience of moving to the UK gave her first-hand experience of the problems faced and inspired her to form Cosmo’s vision.


Since 2013 we have continued to grow and have been successful in applying in a number of grants to further our vision.

Founder/Director of Cosmo Altynay Guney

Altynay Guney

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Graham Peak

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From 2022

Maria Berin

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From 2023

Meet The Team

Our Activities

From running educational courses on business and employment to tending our allotment and planting trees in the neighbourhood, there are lots of ways in which we can enrich the lives of those we help. Improving social, language and digital skills is key to the personal development we aim to provide.


For people on low incomes and those in vulnerable situations, one of the biggest barriers to moving forward in their lives is a lack of confidence. We help to build this through the activities we run. Often all it takes is a simple connection with others in the community.


We know that when people facing challenges believe in themselves and develop certain key skills, they are able to make huge steps forward. That’s why we started providing support to people with mental health issues in 2017. 

Our Volunteers

We exist because of our volunteers, and we are proud of every one of their stories of development and positive contribution. Thanks guys!

You can learn more about our volunteers, especially Alex, Valentina, Zhanna and Vladim, on our Volunteer Stories page.

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