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Current Projects

Cosmo Fitness for Refugees and Asylum seekers

Cosmo fitness is funded by Health Inequalities Community Development Fund. We have over 20 people who are attending our sessions each week. Our sessions take place on Friday evenings.


Tree Project

Spending time outdoors and connecting with nature is good for communities and individual wellbeing. This is why we decided to give our beneficiaries the chance to plant saplings and look after them to remember an important occasion or loved one. 


Thornton Allotments

Thornton allotments are a wonderful place just off Anlaby road in Hull. We manage them with the support of the local community, providing a great place for those in the area to get together, get their hands dirty and grow vegetables, fruits and flowers. We also have our own allotment.


Social Enterprise Mentoring

Are you interested in setting up a social enterprise?


We can provide you with all the help you need to achieve this noble and fulfilling goal and to improve the world around you.


Past Projects

We’re developing rapidly to better help migrants, expats and people with other social challenges to make the most of life in the UK. Find out what we’ve done in the past here.

We’re undertaking a range of projects to bring the local community together, support our environment and improve the welfare of those we work with.


If you want to get involved, support our projects or learn more about our exciting programme, please get in touch.

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