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Memorabilia Trees.

We plant trees (silver birch and scotch pines) as a memorabilia tree. If you want to plant a tree in the memory of your loved person. We are happy to plant it on your behalf and look after it until its strong enough to live by itself. We have planted saplings in Butterfly Park (Hull) which is given to us by the local authority. These are the reasons why people choose to plant saplings-

  • help our environment

  • to celebrate a childbirth

  • to celebrate an anniversary

  • bereavement

  • to celebrate friendship

We will plant the sapling as soon as the order is placed(usually over the weekend) take a photograph of it and keep you posted when and where the sapling has been planted.

We have a variety of ages to choose from. We have currently in stock 1,2 and 3 years old trees.

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