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Past Events

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5th Anniversary Celebration

We celebrated Cosmo Community's 5th Anniversary

Start: 13th August, 2018

Business Start Up

Cosmo Community CIC partnership with Germinate Enterprise are holding a 2 full day weekly training on how to set up business.Places arelimited.If you are interested please contact us via messenger.The fee for this training is £5 ( you will be given a participant workbook)

Start: 28th June,2019

National Lottery 25th Birthday Celebration

Our volunteers and directorsattended the event in Gateshead organised by theNational Lottery To celebrate Their 25th Birthday.

23rd October,2019

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Christmas 2019

Lonliness Project

13th December,2019.

We ran the Loneliness project with the help of the National Lottery to help our beneficiaries overcome a difficult situation that is made even harder for those who have left their social support network behind when moving countries.

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