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Our Past Projects

Digital Inclusion Classes

​Cosmo provided digital skills classes for people who are not confident using technological equipment. We taught people how to use the internet to communicate with friends and family and supported them to shop online.


​Russian School

​We began Russian school in Hull back in 2014.This school now continues in its own right and is known as Teremok Association of Hull.


EU European Social Fund – Employment and Support Project

We undertook a project supporting unemployed people in Hull funded by European Fund. We helped our beneficiaries with confidence-building, employment skills, housing advice, benefits advice and English lessons.

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English Classes

Starting in 2013, we provided English classes to people who were newly arrived in the UK and were looking to settle and communicate with the local community. These free classes helped people who were experiencing a language barrier at any level. However, we mostly provided basic and elementary-level education.



We ran the Loneliness project with the help of the National Lottery to help our beneficiaries overcome a difficult situation that is made even harder for those who have left their social support network behind when moving countries.

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Coronavirus Community Support Fund Showcase Studies

We are pleased to let you know that the showcase summary of our CCSF project was published in August 2021 as part of the evaluation of the CCSF. 

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Arts Project

Thanks to National Lottery Funding Awards for all we were able to hold an Arts project in partnership with Arting. 

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