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Memorabilia Trees

If you would like to commemorate a loved one in a way that will help the planet for many years to come, you can buy and plant a tree with us. We will let you know where your tree is, send you a photo and you can visit it whenever you like. You can even join us to nurture it and its brothers and sisters. Don’t worry, we will look after it.

Our trees are a great way to:


  • Help our environment

  • Commemorate a loved one

  • Celebrate a childbirth

  • Celebrate an anniversary

  • Celebrate friendship

Care for your tree and others

We’re on the lookout for volunteers to help plant and care for trees at Butterfly Park in Hull. These trees help the environment and our local community. What’s more, planting them is fun and good for your wellbeing. Come out and enjoy yourself.


Just get in touch and we would be happy to have you along to help out.

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