Alex is one of our oldest volunteers. He mainly helps us in the allotment and in Butterfly Park. He had a brain injury in 2010 and since he was not able to work. In Cosmo, he made good friends and feels like part of the community. Cosmo helped him to find himself in society.

By engaging people in calm gardening activity last year we were able to positively contribute to many people’s lives. Valentina said, “ This project is a god sent, I don’t know how to thank you”. Zhanna said, “ I knew Valentina since 2006 but it’s the first activity in 13 years where we are spending time together and enjoying our times doing gardening, this project is definitely bringing people together and making positive changes in our lives”. Vadim's Voronkovs “ I live in a one-bedroom flat and this project is where I feel as if I have my own garden, it’s a relaxing and friendly environment, I love coming here”.

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