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The Tree Project

We began our Tree Project in 2017. This was initiated by one of our directors who suffered a brain injury and suffers from poor mental health. Spending time outdoors and connecting with nature had a positive impact on his wellbeing. This is why we decided to give the rest of our beneficiaries the chance to plant saplings and possibly look after them to remember an important occasion or loved one. This allows people to feel responsible and is a reason for them to come outside and socialise with others.


Our vision

Our goal is to alleviate the CO2 that is produced in Hull by planting these trees. We are looking to hopefully work in collaboration with the Woodland Trust to spread our reforestation vision on a wider national scale.

Come join us!

Everyone is welcome to join us in the tree planting, no matter their race or ability. We all live on Planet Earth, we all have a carbon footprint and we can all reduce it to build a better future. Even by planting just one tree, you will help to reduce atmospheric CO2 by around 48 pounds per year, locking up one ton of carbon dioxide by the age of 40.


Most trees will outlive the people that plant them by many years, meaning they will be a lasting, environmentally-positive legacies for further generations for a long time to come. The act of planting trees helps people feel positive and productive. In future, we hope to encourage even more eco worriers to take action on global warming.

Thanks to Mires Beck

We are growing trees from saplings bought from Mires Beck charitable organisation. Thank you!

Butterfly Park

Cosmo was happy to be given Butterfly Park as a location to plant our saplings by Hull City Council. We have worked in positive partnerships like this with Hull City Council since August 2019.

Memorabilia Trees

If you would like to commemorate a loved one in a way that will help the planet for many years to come, you can buy, sponsor and plant a tree with us. We will let you know where your loved one’s tree is, and you can visit it whenever you like. You can even volunteer to nurture it and its brothers and sisters.

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